Dr Evandro Mattos is a highly-skilled and an experienced dentist, with over 15 years of clinical experience in all aspects of orthodontics, minor oral surgery, and implant dentistry. Dr Mattos is a graduate of Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais (Brazil), where he attained qualification as a Dental Surgeon with a residency in implant dentistry. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Dental Medicine from Instituto Superior de Ciencias da Saude – Norte (Portugal).
He spent five years in Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked in the orthodontic field as well as in surgical posts in the fields of oral surgery and restorative dentistry at Burbank Hospital. In that time, he performed over 8,000 surgical procedures. Dr Mattos attained his fellowship and mastership from the American Dental Implant Association in 2010, further cementing his solid credentials and background.
Dr Mattos focuses on offering the most professional dental care he can provide. He also emphasises the human side of dentistry, as he is very conscientious of patients and their unique dental needs. Dr Mattos has taken continuing education courses and updated his expertise with best dental care practices throughout his career. He is committed to offering patients caring, precise dental treatments and making them feel comfortable throughout their treatment duration.

Career highlights

Residency in Implant Dentistry (PUC-MG Catholic University of Minas Gerais – Faculty of dentistry – Brazil – 2003/2004)

Fellowship and Mastership (ADIA American Dental Implant Association – USA – 2010/2011)

Implantology Continuing Education (Bicon Institute Boston – USA – 2007/2012)

MSc in Dental Medicine (ISCS-N Instituto superior de ciências da Saúde Norte – Portugal – 2013)
MSc dissertation: Advantages of the use of short dental implants in oral rehabilitation

Burbank Hospital in Massachusetts, USA (5 years, +8000 surgical procedures made 2007/2012 )

Dental licenses: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Brazil, United States – Massachusetts



To always exceed my patients’ expectations


To promote optimum oral health and build life-long relationships with my patients


I strive for excellence in the clinical practice of dentistry


To pursuit high level of education and training


To conduct all matters with integrity


To serve my patients with the state-of-the-art in dentistry.

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